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Accountancy and Finance

Financial Systems Development & Reviews

We help our clients to develop financial reporting systems that enable them process financial transactions and reports to various stakeholders in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).The reviews on financial systems are carried out to assess their adequacy and effectiveness.

In continually changing environments, our clients always need a reasonable assurance that public financial and operational systems are both adequate and working effectively.

For non-profit making organization FTCS breaks the limitations by accounting software by designing the client’s financial systems to satisfy various reporting needs of different donors.

Institutional Assessment

Using different diagnostic tools, we assist our clients by profiling the performance of their business in a holistic view. This health checks also enables other stakeholders recognize health business, determine potential, and evaluate development projects..

Developing Effective Working Relationships between Banks and Premium Small Business Customers

This kind of service is provided to bankers working with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an aim of assisting them to:

  • Gain more out of existing customer base
  • Negotiate more effectively (increase lending fee income, interest margins and transmission recovery)
  • Deal with customers more effectively
  • Make better assessments-particularly with lending decisions
  • Control accounts better protecting existing business from losses
  • Attract new, quality business (increasing account base)
  • Pass Techniques/advice to improve quality of customers
  • Increase focus on sales by better understanding of customer business
  • Increase profitability by introducing cost saving measures
  • Increase cross selling opportunities.