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Developing of Small & Medium Enterprises (Smes)

Business Counseling

A process whereby the skills and knowledge of business counsellors (also called skilled helpers) are used to help clients understand their current situations, identify problems and opportunities and take actions to move towards improved level of functioning. The latter may include improving performance of an existing business or helping a client to decide not to go into business if this is felt inadvisable or inappropriate.

For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises our counseling process are focused on the following areas:

  • Business Ideas Generation
  • Business Start-ups
  • Marketing in Small Business
  • Operational Management in small business
  • Managing Survival
  • Financial Management in a small business
  • Market Access
Financial Reviews

Carried out to assess the financial performance of a business concern.


We assist our clients to create useful networks or contacts to increase their chances of success.

Business Plans

We develop business plans on behalf of our clients who intend to go into business. We believe that successful businesses are generated from good ideas; hence, our role is to translate ideas of our clients into business plans using a participatory approach.