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Become an Astute Professional Secretary

Become an Astute Professional Secretary
08:00 March 3, 2020 to 08:00 March 6, 2020
Sandton, 138 Rivonia Rd, Sandown, Sandton, 2196 Get directions

1. Understanding Mission Statement of your Organization
(In this module, you will learn how your roles contribute to the achievement of the overall goals of the business).

2. Stepping Up to Leadership Challenge
(In this module, you will gain deeper understanding of your roles and responsibilities and improve communication to effectively set expectations for yourself and direct reports).

3. Success through Social Confidence Workplace Attitude
(In this module, you will develop the right confidence and leadership skills to make better first impression and forge stronger relationships both in your professional and personal life. You will become confident in socializing at any setting).

4. Workplace Etiquette (How will Workplace Etiquette Get you Ahead)
In this module you will learn how to practice a few common rules of business etiquette and how it can help you create the most positive impression of your boss and the entire organization. You will also appreciate how right manners and attitude will help you grow into a successful employee.