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Internal Audits and Other Assurance Services

Outsourced Internal Audit and other assurance services

Our internal audit department offers specialized internal audit services to organizations that do not have their own internal audit functions. Through outsourced internal audit services, we assist our clients to achieve value- added internal audit services without incurring the additional cost of hiring and maintaining their own internal audit teams which could be considerably high. Audit results are also arrived at more objectively because of the high degree of independence of our internal audit team from the organizations being audited.

Joint internal audits

Are also provided with clients internal audit departments. The advantage of this approach is that clients internal audit teams have an opportunity of sharing knowledge with our dedicated team of professionals.

External Reviews

Our internal audit department also carries out external reviews of clients internal audit departments as a measure of the departments’ performance.


Our internal audits should not be misunderstood as a search for fraud or other irregularities but rather as an independent appraisal tool used to examine and evaluate activities within clients’ organizations. To this end, our approach is to furnish clients’ management with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and information concerning the activities being audited.


In accepting appointment as internal auditors, we accept the responsibility to the board and those in management to provide them with information about the adequacy and effectiveness of the organizations’ systems of internal controls and the quality of performance. This encompasses assessing the extent to which established systems, financial or otherwise, are able to give the board or management a reasonable assurance that the organization is operating in an environment where:


  • All assets or organizational resources are properly safeguarded.
  • Resources are utilized in an economic and efficient way in order to increase the return per every penny invested.
  • Compliance of policies and procedures, laws and regulations, which could have a significant impact on operations, is not compromised.
  • Achievement of established goals and objectives is assured.
  • The reliability and integrity of information concerning organizational activities are enhanced.