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What we specialize in

Structured Trade Commodity Finance Advisory Services

We provide a range of services from risk assessment, advisory services, stock audits, stock taking and collateral management

Enterprise Risk Management

Every entity whether for profit or not exists to realize some value for its stakeholders. This value is added by informed and inspired management decisions in all areas of activities from strategy setting to operations.

Internal Audits and Other Assurance Services

Three approaches are adopted in the provision of internal audit services to our clients:

Accountancy and Finance

Largely provided to organizations with a backlog of accounting work, where it is felt impracticable for own finance teams to cope with pressure.

Developing of Small & Medium Enterprises (Smes)

We support this sector through the provision of business counseling services, facilitation of business excellence process, development of business plans, financial reviews and many other services. Some of the services are outlined below:

Donor Support Services

We conduct institutional assessment of prospective sub-grantees of our clients to provide our clients with useful information about the capacity of the latter organizations in financial management and efficient programme delivery.

Training and Capacity Building

We provide training to our client’s staff to develop their competences. Notable, examples include:

Personal Financial Fitness Counselling

We help individuals to develop personal financial intelligence to enable them plan their finances, manage expenses and cost-drivers, develop a saving culture, create investments, avoid unnecessary borrowings and plan for a comfortable retirement.