FTCS offers specialized services tailored for each industry category

We aim to meet the needs of each client which are different from one industry to another as shown below
a range of services

Structured Trade & Commodity Finance Advisory Services

We provide a range of services from risk assessment, advisory services, stock audits, stock taking and collateral management.

We provide independent verification of stock items providing assurances of quantity, specification and condition.

Participating in, providing advisory services and risk assessments in the whole process of collateral management. This includes Collateral Management Agreements (CMA), liability of collateral managers, negotiating CMA documents, review of CMA agreements, generic mishaps in collateral management arrangements, tolling finance, clauses leading to non-delivery by processor, security interest of financier and insurance solutions.

Risk assessments and key documentation consideration  such as transport documentation, documentation representing goods, title negotiability and endorsements, documents of title,incoterms,charter-party contracts, obligations of shipper/ charterer and vessel owner and finally loading  and discharge of cargo, risk considerations for pre-finance: pre-exports, application of green clause credits, risks relating to grower /producer finance, valuing producer risks-ownership of the commodity asset-licences, export quotas, foreign currency controls, prepayments, absence of obligations to reimburse upon failure to deliver, differentiating between pre-payments and pre-financing.

We provide an insight to our clients on warehousing considerations such as an risks associated with an asset-backed structure, business case for warehousing, problems with pledges over inventory stocks and physical dispossession, legal infrastructure required to support warehousing receipts finance and many more.

Every entity exists to realise value

Enterprise Risk Management

Every entity whether for profit or not exists to realise some value for its stakeholders. This value is added by informed and inspired management decisions in all areas of activities from strategy setting to operations.

Our risk management team helps organizations to set up their systems of identifying, analysing and responding to events that may hinder the achievement of organization objectives. Risk Management is an inclusive process that requires the involvement of each and every person within an organization. Our role as expert helpers is to take management through a step-by-step process on how they can implement an effective ERM system to facilitate the achievement of objectives.


In carrying out this assignment we set professional boundaries. Our involvement is limited within the provision of guidance and risk management skills development, but the actual process remains the responsibility of management and process owners who are in a better position to understand their objectives and risks posing threats to the achievement of those objectives.


We encourage clients to adopt existing ERM frameworks and make modifications to suite their specific needs.

In risk management, the board is caught up in its oversight role. A careful examination of failed ERM systems points towards lack of support from the top when board members are not skilled in enterprise risk management. The right tone at the top is very crucial for the success of an ERM system. Our risk expert team provides skill development services and runs oversight awareness sessions to board members to enable them discharge their responsibilities effectively.

Internal auditors are required to provide an assurance to the board that management has set in place a system to identify risks that threaten the achievement of objectives and that the responses are adequate. Our experts help to develop risk-based internal audit skills and provision of guidance to internal auditors on the recommended approaches.

Risks may affect every type of business from strategy setting to operations and specifically risks may affect the operating system in the entire supply chain management or the environment.


This means your:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Operational Systems
  • Materials
  • Environment
  • Legal and Liability
  • Finances


Are all at risk, so it makes sense to our risk expert team which will help you build your capacity for taking greater risks for greater returns.


An effective risk management helps to avoid surprises and enables management to be in control of the business as opposed to controlling it.


Risk management is not about avoiding risk but having the right tools to manage them.

Largely provided to organisations

Accountancy & Finance

Largely provided to organisations with a backlog of accounting work, where it is felt impracticable for own finance teams to cope with pressure.

We help our clients to develop financial reporting systems that enable them process financial transactions and reports to various stakeholders in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The reviews on financial systems are carried out to assess their adequacy and effectiveness.


In continually changing environments, our clients always need a reasonable assurance that public financial and   operational systems are both adequate and working effectively.


For non-profit making organization FTCS breaks the limitations by accounting software by designing the client’s financial systems to satisfy various reporting needs of different donors.

Using different diagnostic tools, we assist our clients by profiling the performance of their business in a holistic view. This health checks also enables other stakeholders recognize health business, determine potential, and evaluate development projects.

This kind of service is provided to bankers working with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with an aim of assisting them to: 


  • Gain more out of existing customer base.
  • Negotiate more effectively (increase lending fee income, interest margins and transmission recovery)
  • Deal with customers more effectively
  • Make better assessments-particularly with lending decisions
  • Control accounts better
  • Protecting existing business from losses
  • Attract new , quality business (increasing account base)
  • Pass Techniques/advice to improve quality of customers
  • Increase focus on sales by better understanding of customer business
  • Increase profitability by introducing cost saving measures
  • Increase cross selling opportunities
internal audit services

Internal Audits & Other Assurance Services

Three approaches are adopted in the provision of internal audit services to our clients:

Our internal audit department offers specialized internal audit services to organizations that do not have their own internal audit functions. Through outsourced internal audit services, we assist our clients to achieve value- added internal audit services without incurring the additional cost of hiring and maintaining their own internal audit teams which could be considerably high. Audit results are also arrived at more objectively because of the high degree of independence of our internal audit team from the organizations being audited.

Are also provided with clients’ internal audit departments.   The advantage of this approach is that clients internal audit teams have an    opportunity of sharing knowledge with our dedicated team of professionals.

Our internal audit department also carries out external reviews of clients internal audit departments as a measure of the departments’ performance.   


Our internal audits should not be misunderstood as a search for fraud or other irregularities but rather as an independent appraisal tool used to examine and evaluate activities within clients’ organizations. To this end, our approach is to furnish clients’ management with analyses, appraisals, recommendations, counsel and information concerning the activities being audited.


In accepting appointment as internal auditors, we accept the responsibility to the board and those in management to provide them with information about the adequacy and effectiveness of the organisations’ systems of internal controls and the quality of performance. This encompasses assessing the extent to which established systems, financial or otherwise, are able to give the board or management a reasonable assurance that the organisation is operating in an environment where:


  • All assets or organizational resources are properly
  • Resources are utilized in an economic and efficient way in order to increase the return per kwacha or dollar invested.
  • Compliance of policies and procedures, laws and regulations, which could have a significant impact on operations, is not compromised.
  • Achievement of established goals and objectives is assured.
  • The reliability and integrity of information concerning organizational activities are enhanced.
We conduct institutional assessment

Donor Support Services

We conduct institutional assessment of prospective sub-grantees of our clients to provide our clients with useful information about the capacity of the latter organizations in financial management and efficient programme delivery.

We realize the importance of our clients working with other partners in programme implementation. Our role is simply to highlight to management the extent of risk involved for their action for such partnerships and we also offer our recommendation for potential improvement.

Our firm also provides some internal audit and assurance services of sub-grants to grant-making organizations that the sub-grants have been efficiently utilized and for intended purposes.

Services in this category include development of financial reporting systems and related internal controls. Other services include skill development in financial management, advocacy and other essential skills in programme delivery. CBOs and FBOs are assisted to develop their basic bookkeeping systems and maintain sufficient records relative to their sizes.

provision of business counselling services

Developing Of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMES)

We support this sector through the provision of business counselling services, facilitation of business excellence process, development of business plans, financial reviews and many other services. Some of the services are outlined below:

A process whereby the skills and knowledge of business counsellors (also called skilled helpers) are used to help clients understand their current situations, identify problems and opportunities and take actions to move towards improved level of functioning. The latter may include improving performance of an existing business or helping a client to decide not to go into business if this is felt inadvisable or inappropriate.


For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises our counselling process are focused   on the following areas: 


  • Business Ideas Generation
  • Business Start-ups
  • Marketing in Small Business
  • Operational Management in small business
  • Managing for survival
  • Financial Management in a small business
  • Market Access

Carried out to assess the financial performance of a business concern. 

We assist our clients to create useful networks or contacts to increase their chances of success.

We develop business plans on behalf of our clients who intend to go into business. We believe that successful businesses are generated from good ideas; hence, our role is to translate ideas of our clients into business plans using a participatory approach.

develop personal financial intelligence

Personal Financial Intelligence Counselling

We help individuals to develop personal financial intelligence to enable them plan their finances, manage expenses and cost-drivers, develop a saving culture, create investments, avoid unnecessary borrowings and plan for a comfortable retirement.

The counselling follows the key concepts outlined below:

  • Developing a Positive Mindset
  • Overcoming Cultural Beliefs and Myths about Money
  • Making Life Meaningful (Become a Purpose Driven Individual)
  • Vision-Live a life of vision.
  • Values, Honest and Integrity
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Controlling Your Expenses
  • Growing your Income
  • Managing Your Cost-Drivers
  • Getting out of Debts
  • Using Credit Opportunities Wisely
  • Types of Credits to avoid
  • Sure ways of accumulating your Savings
  • Savings and Personal Goals
  • Opportunities and Challenges
  • Investments Guide and Types to Avoid
  • Risk and Value Creation
  • Synergies
  • Estimating Potential Retirement Expenses
  • Investment Mix
  • Choosing a Neighbourhood
  • Managing Health
  • Creating a nest to finance the darkest hours.
  • Nothing is permanent in this world
  • Building Capacities
  • Knowledge Transfers
developing your staff's competences

Training & Capacity Building

We provide training to our client’s staff to develop their competences.
  • Retirement Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Risk-Based Internal Audit Services
  • Financial Dynamics for Non-Finance Managers
  • Board Development
  • Corporate Governance
  • Developing Effective Audit Committees
  • Building Financial Sustainability of Organisations
  • NGO Financial Resource Management
  • Mastering External Audit Preparations
  • Enhancing Management Accountability (for Internal Auditors)
  • Increasing Productivity in internal auditing
  • Comprehensive Internal Audit Process
  • Government as major Stakeholder
  • Developing a Comprehensive Control Environment that fits with Good Governance
  • Assessing Gender in Income Generating Activities
  • Building Banks Relationships with Premium Business Owners
  • Business Idea Generation
  • Business Start-ups
  • Financial Management in a Small Business
  • Managing Growth of your organisation.
  • Managing Liquidity -a recipe for success
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Entrepreneurship
multi-skilled team of professionals

Our Competencies

FTCS is composed of a multi-skilled team of professionals with backgrounds in accountancy, marketing and strategic management and rural development and banking.


Our finance section is composed of fully qualified and partly qualified accountants with diverse skills in internal          auditing, risk management, financial system development, mainstream accountancy, and entrepreneurship.

Besides the financial professionals, we also have experts in corporate governance, gender mainstreaming, research activities, project monitoring and evaluation and baseline survey for proposed new projects.


The balanced combination of skills within the firm enables us to deal with clients with the highest level of professional proficiency.

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