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Structured Trade Commodity Finance Advisory Services

Stock Audits

We provide independent verification of stock items providing assurances of quantity, specification and condition.

Collateral Management

Participating in, providing advisory services and risk assessments in the whole process of collateral management. This includes Collateral Management Agreements (CMA), liability of collateral managers, negotiating CMA documents, review of CMA agreements, generic mishaps in collateral management arrangements, tolling finance, clauses leading to non-delivery by processor, security interest of financier and insurance solutions.

Contracts, Structure and Documentation

Risk assessments and key documentation consideration such as transport documentation, documentation representing goods, title negotiability and endorsements, documents of title, incoterms, charter-party contracts, obligations of shipper/ charterer and vessel owner and finally loading and discharge of cargo, risk considerations for pre-finance: pre-exports, application of green clause credits, risks relating to grower /producer finance, valuing producer risks-ownership of the commodity asset-licences, export quotas, foreign currency controls, prepayments, absence of obligations to reimburse upon failure to deliver, differentiating between pre-payments and pre-financing.

Warehousing Considerations

We provide an insight to our clients on warehousing considerations such as risks associated with an asset-backed structure, business case for warehousing, problems with pledges over inventory stocks and physical dispossession, legal infrastructure required to support warehousing receipts finance and many more.